Travel & Lifestyle Writing and Photography by Kristan Lawson

I. Writing

Current Positions

Oakland Magazine — Contributing Writer
Modern Farmer — Writer
Huffington Post — Columnist
The Monthly — Contributing Artist
Dibs — Editor

Online sites which have recently published my travel, food and lifestyle articles (with links):

Modern Farmer
      Now Even Wheat Has Terroir
      Jurassic Farm: Can We Bring Prehistoric Bovines Back From Extinction?
      Cuties, Pixies, Delites: How Marketing Rebranded A Fruit

Huffington Post
      The Seven Faces of Palm Springs
      America’s Pinkest City
      Lava-cation: Start Planning Your Hawaii Volcano Holiday
      What It’s Like to Ride in a Blimp
      How to Get From San Francisco to Yosemite, Guilt-Free — on Public Transit
      The Chufa Challenge: Taste-Testing Tiger Nuts
      Sonoma’s Wackiest Wineries

Oakland Magazine
      Marveling at the eternal sentinels of Sequoia National Park
      Forget the Cream and Sugar: Nitrogen Is Coffee’s New Best Friend
      Explore Angel Island for History and Spectacular Views
      Cider Is Coming On Hard
      Healdsburg Is Wine Country In Miniature
      Pantelleria: Sciroccos, Saunas, and Sweet, Sweet Wine

      Welcome to Seborga: An Entire Nation of Cats
      De Poezenboot, a Floating Cat Sanctuary in Amsterdam
      Meet the Rescue Dogs of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
      A Deaf Pit Bull Learns Sign Language

      Dry Creek Valley AVA

Traveling With Sweeney
      How to Take Ghostly Travel Photos

Print newspapers and magazines which have previously published my travel articles:

Boston Globe
Denver Post
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
San Francisco Chronicle (pdf)
San Francisco Examiner
San Jose Mercury News
Los Angeles Herald Examiner
Oakland Tribune


California Babylon: A Guide to Sites of Scandal, Mayhem and Celluloid in the Golden State — Co-author (with Anneli Rufus) (St. Martin’s Press, 2000)
Weird Europe: A Guide to Bizarre, Macabre, and Just Plain Weird Sights — Co-author (with Anneli Rufus) (St. Martin’s Press, 1999)
Goddess Sites: Europe — Co-author (with Anneli Rufus) (HarperCollins, 1991)
America Off The Wall, The West Coast: a Guide to Unusual Sights — Co-author (with Anneli S. Rufus) (John Wiley & Sons, 1989)
Europe Off The Wall: a Guide to Unusual Sights — Co-author (with Anneli Rufus) (John Wiley & Sons, 1988)
Time Out Guide San Francisco — Author of “Sightseeing” section (Penguin Books, 2002)
Virgin City Guide Los Angeles — Author of “Sightseeing” section (Virgin Publishing Ltd., 2001)
Virgin City Guide San Francisco — Author of “Sightseeing” section (Virgin Publishing Ltd., 2000)
Northern California Best Places — Contributing editor (Sasquatch Press, 1992)

Books on other topics

The Scavengers’ Manifesto — Co-author (with Anneli Rufus) (Penguin Tarcher, 2009)
Darwin and Evolution for Kids: His Life and Ideas — Author (Chicago Review Press, 2003) (translated into six languages)
The Rules of Speed Chess — Author (Jolly Roger Press, 1992)

II. Photography

Print magazines and newspapers which have recently published my photographs (with links):

Oakland Magazine
      Unlocking Locke’s Past
      Exploring Alviso
      Wandering the Micro-Nation of Seborga
      Basking is Mandatory in Palm Springs
      Kings Canyon is Yosemite Without the Crowds
      Monaco is More Than a Tiny Tax Haven
      Half Moon Bay Is Quaint in the Right Way
      Nebraska’s Worth a Visit
      So Near, Yet So Fair: Travel to Mendocino Village, Caspar, and Fort Bragg

The Monthly
      Burmese, If You Please
      A Crash Course in Casablanca
      Foam on the Range

Online sites which have recently published my photographs (with links):

KQED’s Bay Area Bites
      Bay Area Foodmakers Command a Huge Presence at SF’s Fancy Food Show
      Matcha: Silky and Smooth, It’s Not Just for Tea Ceremonies Anymore
      Wild Game Is Invading Bay Area Menus, But Why?
      With Bowling Balls, Cute Kittens and Cotton-Candy Cocktails, Theme Restaurants Bounce Back
      Is Dorm Food the Bay Area’s Best Dining-Out Deal?

The Huffington Post
      Step Aside, San Francisco: “SF” Now Stands for Sioux Falls
      10 Things to Do in the Wine Country If You Love Animals More Than You Love Wine
      Soldiers, Superstars, Coachella and PTSD: How They All Intersect
      You Know You’re on the Big Island When…
      Behind the Scenes at Yosemite’s Ahwahnee Hotel
      Seborga: The Micronation Inside Italy Where Time Stands Still
      11 Amazing Fruits & Vegetables of Which You Might Never Have Heard
      Million-Dollar Vistas Amidst Shattered Glass: The Exquisite, Embattled Albany Bulb
      Why Should We Wake Up Before Dawn in Nebraska?
      How to Visit a Vineyard
      It’s Always Halloween in Virginia City
      Pixies: They’re Cuter than Cuties
      Let’s Make Puglia the New Umbria

Psychology Today
      Where Is Your True Home?
      War-zone memories haunt celebrity photographer Greg Williams
      [teaser photos by me]   [examples of credits for teaser photos]

      Aix Marks the Spot

      In Search of Sweet Wines

Spirituality & Health
      Luxury Therapy
      Sometimes “Sorry” Means Something Else
      Masottina’s Massive Eco-Friendly Winery a Work in Progress
      The Winter Fancy Food Show Spotlights Culinary Trends

      How It Feels to Be Hated

Oakland Magazine‘s “Feast Bay” column
      Ex-East Bayite Celebrates Hawaii’s Sustainable Farms
      Cocoa Puffs-Infused Negroni
      Calavera Pop-Up Dinner: Eight-Hour Suckling Pig and Grasshoppers
      Hendrick’s Flying Cuke Cruises East Bay Airspace
      Ajanta Restaurant Has Been Sold
      East Bay Stars Shone at Eat Drink SF
      General Mills Works With Oakland Nonprofit to Protect Bees
      Berkeley Humane’s Beerfest: a Sudsy Success
      Trendy New Trends List Says Oakland Is Trendy
      Hopscotch Chef Kyle Itani
      Molecular Biology’s Foaming It Up at Berkeley’s Joshu-Ya Brasserie

      Berkeley Wins a Visit From Famous Feline Grumpy Cat
      Grumpy Cat Stars at Macy’s
      Oakland’s Cat Town Cafe, the First Cat Cafe in the U.S.
      Puppies Romp in the SPCA Holiday Windows Event

      Pantelleria: Land of Liquid Prayers


Bay Citizen
      Fancy Food Show Dispatch: 2011 Food Trends

East Bay Express
      East Bay Chocolatiers Rule

      Behind the Wine, Within the Whiskey

Traveling With Sweeney
      How to Take Ghostly Travel Photos

Boomer Women Travel
      Cruising for Loners

      Officially Local: How “appellations” and “AVAs” ensure the authenticity of local specialities
      They Don’t Eat Tacos in Peru

Print magazines and newspapers which have previously published my photographs:

Diablo Magazine
San Francisco Chronicle
San Jose Mercury News

Books which feature my photographs:

Mummies, by Jennifer M. Besel (Capstone Press, 2007)
Everything You Know About God Is Wrong, edited by Russ Kick (The Disinformation Company, 2007)
The Fortune-Telling Book, by Raymond Buckland (Visible Ink Press, 2004)
Skulls and Skeletons, by Christine Quigley (McFarland & Co., 2001)
California Babylon, by Kristan Lawson and Anneli S. Rufus (St. Martin’s Press, 2000)
Weird Europe, by Kristan Lawson and Anneli S. Rufus (St. Martin’s Press, 1999)
Magnificent Corpses, by Anneli Rufus (cover photo) (Marlowe & Co., 1999)
Celtic Mythology, by Simon Goodenough (MetroBooks, 1997)
The Strange But True? Casebook, by Jenny Randles (Piatkus Books, 1995)
Goddess Sites: Europe, by Anneli S. Rufus and Kristan Lawson (HarperCollins, 1991)

Photo syndication services which have accepted and licensed my photographs:

Getty Images
The Fortean Picture Library


A selection of photographs by Kristan Lawson:



Architecture and Art

Nature and Wildlife

Food Trends


Adventure Travel

Studio Vignettes


Aerial Photos

Cocktail Culture



Travel and Tourism

© Copyright July 2015, Kristan Lawson

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